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Gossman Consulting, Inc

Waste Miniminization

Service Description

Gossman Consulting, Inc. provides assistance in preparing and implimenting waste minimization programs. Waste minimization is a concept that is heavily promoted by environmental groups and one which the EPA has tried to institutionalize through regulation. The implication is that industry is inherently wasteful and must be constantly pressured to minimize its waste production. As a business owner/operator you know that there is potential savings in minimizing waste, but the operational and technological changes that must be instituted to accomplish the goal may adversely impact the company's efficiency or even the quality of it's product. It is a difficult situation. GCI's professionals are skilled in operations as well as being knowledgable of the regulations and the various minimization alternatives. Many of the skills needed to formulate "waste recycle and reuse" programs and hazardous waste management programs are the same skills needed to prepare waste minimization programs. Consequently our approach to assisting our clients in preparing waste minimization programs is highly practical and thorough, yet we are fully aware of the implications to your operations. Add to this our extensive experience in managing hazardous waste facilities under the constant review of federal and state agencies and you can understand why GCI believes we are eminently qualified to provide our clients this service.


David Gossman


GCI has prepared a number of papers on subjects related to waste minimization, waste recycling and reuse and operations.(If a link to a paper title is not yet available please e-mail with your fax number for a copy.)

HWF Notes "Guidance for the Elements of a Waste Minimization Plan”, Sep-93

HWF Notes "Review of EPA’s Sham Recycling “Policy”, Nov-94

GCI Tech Notes "Working together in Plant Operations" Dec-96

"The Reuse of Petroleum and Petrochemical Waste in Cement Kilns"

"Hazardous Waste Fuel and The Cement Kiln: The Incineration Alternative"

GCI Tech Notes "Organic Vapor Control”, Aug-95

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