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Gossman Consulting, Inc

Technical Assistance to Insurance Underwriters

Service Description

Gossman Consulting, Inc. provides technical assistance to insurance underwriters issuing liability insurance to facilities that manage hazardous waste materials or engage in hazardous materials handling activities.  GCI can also assist insurance underwriters who are facing litigation following fires and explosions at hazardous waste facilities or injury or chemical exposure claims due to hazardous materials or hazardous materials operations.  GCI has the technical background and the needed communication skills to explain the science behind what happened and the real life operational experience to explain why it happened.  Incidents that prompt underwriting losses do not just happen, they occur as the result of a string of decisions that can date back to the time of the initial facility design.  Incidents may occur as a result of poorly designed or executed; maintenance procedures, hiring and training practices, laboratory procedures, sales and marketing strategies, etc. all of which require operational expertise to evaluate.  Even a badly written regulation may contribute to the eventual incident.  A health and safety audit conducted by GCI can discover potential weaknesses in a facility’s health and safety plan.  GCI can also recommend the appropriate corrective actions and provide the necessary personnel training.   Clearly GCI’s experience and expertise can be a valuable aid in preventing accidents that can result in underwriting losses or litigation.     


GCI has experience in providing this assistance.  Please contact David Gossman at (563) 652-2822 for additional details. 

The following links provide a few examples of the expertise we can provide.

Qualification Statements:  

David Gossman and Susan Gossman

Relevant Publications:

The Use of a Comprehensive Facility Operations Review and Hazop Study to Limit Liabilities and Risks in the Operation of Hazardous Waste Fuel Facilities

GCI Tech Notes "Restricting Highly Toxic Wastes at Hazardous Waste Fuel Facilities" Mar-99

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GCI Tech Notes "Working together in Plant Operations" Dec-96

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"The Added Risk to Health, Safety and the Environment Due to the BIF Regulation"

HWF Notes "GC Solvents-Safety and Health”, Feb-93

HWF Notes "DOT Hazmat Training”, Jan-93

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