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Gossman Consulting, Inc

Hazardous Waste Incinerator Emissions

Service Description

Gossman Consulting, Inc. provides clients with the full range of services necessary to determine incinerator emissions to the environment. An obvious source of emissions is the stack, however many other sources also exist. These can include fugitive emissions from the facility storage units, process equipment leakage and laboratory waste management to name a few. To properly investigate these emissions requires not only an understandingof the process but also the regulations and how they apply to the source, as well as the theory and practice of source sampling and analysis. Our experienced team of professionals and partners have determined the regualtory requirements, written the appropriate test plans, participated in and overseen the execution of these plans, and monitored and evaluated the quality of the data for a large number of devices under a variety of conditions. GCI's experience executing the functions in source sampling and analysis provides our team with a unique background and knowledge of emissions from combustion units and their support facilities. This experience is invaluable to our clients in aquiring the appropriate and realistic quality data needed for submittal to state or federal agencies, to the public, to industry lobbying groups, or simply for internal decision making.


David Gossman


GCI has prepared a number of papers relevant to combustion device emissions.

HWF Notes "Clean Air Act Hazardous Air Pollutant List”, Oct-94

HWF Notes "Review of Guidance on Trial Burns”, Aug-94

"The Design of A Custom Database System for Storing and Accessing Point Source Emission Test Data and Associated Process Conditions"

GCI Tech Notes "A Caution in the Use of Analytical Data in Calculating TEQ Values for Dioxin Reporting”, Dec-95

"Continental Cement Trial Burn Strategy"

"Continental Cement Trial Burn Strategy Follow-up"

HWF Notes "The Clean Air Act and Cement Kiln NOx Emissions”, June-93

"Quality Control Review of Mercury and PCDD/PCDF Emissions Data From Cement Kilns Used for MACT Evaluations”

"Comparison of Metal Emissions from Cement Kilns Utilizing Hazardous Waste Fuels with Commercial Waste Incinerators"

"A Review of the Usefulness of Various ASTM and SW-846 Methods Which May Be Used by the Thermal Treatment Industry"

"An Analysis of Potential Changes to Operations and Waste Analysis Requirements for Commercial Facilities Regulated Under EPA Proposed Hazardous Waste Combustor Regulations”

HWF Notes "Municipal Waste Combustion and MACT”, Dec-94

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