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Gossman Consulting, Inc.

Regulatory Performance Audits of TSDFs and Laboratories

Day in and day out you perform daily operations. You perform the waste analysis in the laboratory, if you have an on-site lab, and you process the waste material through your facility. You take pride in the way things work, when you are hitting on all cylinders, and it happens so often that it is very routine. Unfortunately, when things get too routine, then there is the danger of things slipping through the cracks. Then just when you think things are rolling smoothly along, inspectors show up at your door. Before it’s all over, you get gigged on items that never should have happened. Inspectors can almost always find SOMETHING and if they didn’t go back to headquarters with a hit list then it wouldn’t look like they were doing their job now would it? There is something you can do to help keep your people on their toes and less likely to get caught off guard or worse yet asleep for your next inspection. Third party audits. And Gossman Consulting, Inc. is in an excellent position to help out.


Gossman Consulting, Inc. has been performing regulatory audits since the company’s inception in 1988. GCI has performed numerous audits over the years focusing on RCRA, CAA and BIF regulations involving cemtent plants, TSDF facility and laboratory issues. We have also performed comprehensive audits of facilities being considered for aquisition.


Third party audits such as those performed by GCI give you the benefit of stringent scrutiny without the resulting fines. Gossman Consulting, Inc. provides a level of scrutiny which exceeds that of regulatory inspectors and helps you to head off problems before they arise. GCI has thorough knowledge of industrial operations, the associated laboratory responsibilities and processing of waste materials. An in depth understanding of operational issues allows GCI to intensely scrutinize your situation and provide valuable advice about your operation. Hold regulatory inspection damage to a minimum by putting Gossman Consulting, Inc. experience to work for you.


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