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Gossman Consulting, Inc

Analytical Method Development

Service Description

Gossman Consulting Inc. (GCI) personnel have developed a number of analytical methods over the last 20 years. A number of these methods have been formally adopted as ASTM methods. GCI continues to refine these methods and frequently assists our clients in adapting these and other laboratory testing methods to the plant and matrix specific needs of our clients. We are frequently called upon to troubleshoot laboratory procedures that are not meeting data quality objectives.


David Gossman


GCI has prepared a number of papers on analytical method development. Most of these methods were developed to quickly and efficiently analyze organic hazardous waste. Experience with the complexities of determinations in this matrix allow us to develop solutions for numerous other matrices.

"The Analysis of Flammable Industrial Wastes Using Ion Chromatography"

"Data Processing as an Alternative to Extensive Sample Clean up in the Gas Chromatographic Determination of PCBs"

"The Determination of Metals in Paint and Paint Wastes using Atomic Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy"

"A Method for the Rapid Semi-Quantitive Identification of Hazardous Organic Constituents in Liquid Organic Hazardous Waste Streams"

HWF Notes "Testing for Pentachlorophenol as a Screening Procedure to exclude PCDD’s and PCDF’s from Hazardous Waste Fuel”, Dec-93

HWF Notes "Standard Practice for the Microwave Digestion of Industrial Furnace Feedstreams”, Jan-94

HWF Notes "Method for Screening Radioactivity in Waste”, April-92