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Louise Denlinger
Professional Qualifications


In the process of completing a degree in chemical engineering through Wayne State University, Louise Denlinger already has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Almeda College and the education and background in regulatory compliance to be a valuable asset in any chemical forensic analysis. Her previous work as owner and environmental project manager with a business involved in removal of underground storage tanks provided her with hands-on experience in state and federal environmental regulation. Her current experience includes source and cause determination and forensic analysis, industrial and environmental chemical forensic analysis, safety and prevention analysis of industrial sites, and regulatory compliance.

Specific experience in includes:

Here is a complete list of Louise Denlinger's academic course work.

Macombe College, Warren, Michigan
Department Course Number Course Title
Biology 100 Introduction to Biology
French 126 French 1
Philosophy 220 Introduction to Logic
Chemistry 105 General Chemistry
Math 145 College Algebra
Political Science 100 Introduction to American Politics
Accounting 100 Introduction to Accounting
Business 101 Introduction to Business Administration
English 121 College Composition 1
Psychology 101 Introduction to Psychology

University of Wisconsin, Platteville, Wisconsin

Department Course Number Course Title
Civil Engineering 4980 Air Pollution Control Engineering
Industrial Studies 1010 Principles of Safety and Risk Management
4910 Fire Protection
Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan
Department Course Number Course Title
Math 201 Calculus 1
202 Calculus 2
203 Calculus 3
235 Elementary Differential Equations
Biology 220 Intro to Microbiology
Computer Science 105 Fortran Lab for Engineers
Metallurgy 130 Science of Engineering Materials
Physics 217 General Physics
Chemistry 107 Principles of Chemistry 1
108 Principles of Chemistry 2
224 Organic Chemistry 1
544 Physical Chemistry 2
Chemical Engineering 280 Material and Energy Balance
304 Computational Math for Chemical Engineers
320 Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
330 Thermodynamics
340 Kinetics and Reactor Design
380 Mass Transfer
322 Measurements Lab
382 Chemical Engineering Lab
420 Chemical Processes
460 Process Dynamics and Simulation
551 Intro to Hazardous Waste Management
553 Thermal Processing of Hazardous Waste
557 Health Aspects of Hazardous Waste Management
659 Hazardous Waste Bioremediation
697 Strategy of Process Engineering
480 Chemical Process Integration
535 Polymer Science
4980 Air Pollution Control Engineering