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Trial Burn and Compliance Tests


Jim Woodford takes a cement kiln dust (CKD) sample during a BIF compliance test / trial burn. He is using a slotted tube sampler to obtain a representative sample of CKD falling out of a CKD collection system at the base of an electrostatic precipitator (ESP). Only that portion of the CKD not returned to the kiln is usually sampled. It will be tested for total metals and chlorine as well as leachable metals and a variety of organic compounds. These tests will be used to determine the metal and chlorine mass balance during the trial burn as well as verify that the CKD is not a hazardous waste in accordance with EPA regulations.


Jim carefully samples hot clinker being removed from the clinker cooler. Because of the residence time in the kiln and clinker cooler, cement clinker is sampled on a one hour delay relative to other process samples taken during the trial burn to insure that the samples are all representative of conditions in the system during the stack test. Clinker will be tested for total metals and chlorine in order to prepare the mass balance for the test.


Ron Gossman samples coal/coke from the weigh feeder belt during the trial burn. Coal/coke will also be tested for total metals and chlorine during the trial burn to obtain an accurate mass balance. The coal/coke will also probably be tested to determine heat content, ash and other relevant fuel parameters.

The GCI test crew near the end of a successful trial burn. From left to right at the rear, Ron Gossman, Craig Cape, Jim Woodford, Dave Constans, front, Charlene Schaumbach, behind the camera, David Gossman.