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Gossman Consulting, Inc.

Environmental Permitting and Compliance

Service Description

Gossman Consulting Inc. (GCI) personnel have been involved in numerous permitting and compliance efforts over the past 20 years, either for facilities that they may have managed or facilities they were hired to assist. These permitting activities have been going on since the late 70s. GCI personnel have not only been involved in permitting efforts in the United States but in a number of foreign countries as well. GCI was particularly active during all of the BIF compliance testing efforts in 1991 & 1992. While this is not an uncommon claim by many in the industry today, GCI was primary contractor for four out of 20 some BIF tests conducted in 1992 and was involved in 3 other BIF tests that summer, accounting for well over 25% of the BIF testing performed that summer.


Gossman Consulting, Inc. has developed compliance test/trial burn protocol for hazardous waste fuel operations at the following locations:

GCI personnel have also been involved in performing compliance tests at these additional locations:

GCI personnel have also assisted in writing Part B permits for hazardous waste as fuels programs. GCI personnel, both as employees and prior to joining GCI, have been involved in writing storage permits and/or waste burning permits at a number of facilities including many of the previously mentioned facilities. GCI has been the primary permit writer most recently on the permits for the Lone Star Industries Greencastle Indiana facility and Cape Girardeau facilities. In addition:

Jim Woodford has helped write permits at Lone Star Industries in Greencastle, Indiana & Medusa Cement in Demopolis, Alabama.

David Gossman has helped write permits at Lafarge in Paulding, Ohio; Lafarge at Fredonia, Kansas; Holnam Inc. in Clarksville, Missouri & Holly Hill, South Carolina and Southdown at Fairborn, Ohio & Kosmosdale, Kentucky & Knoxville, Tennessee


In addition to the test reports and permits that are available to the public, GCI has prepared a number of papers related to permitting and compliance. Most of those papers and/or articles are available in the GCI Internet Library. A partial list with readily accessible internet links are as follows:

"Comparison of Metals Spiking Systems and Metal Compound Selection Among the Cement Kilns Conducting Compliance Tests"

"Burning Waste in Kilns in the United Kingdom A Comparison of Regulations in the United Kingdom versus the United States EPA Regulations"

"EPA Regional Variances in the Interpretation and Implementation of the BIF Regulations"

"Continental Cement Trial Burn Strategy"

GCI Tech Notes "Should You Test for HAP Emissions?”, Sep-96

GCI Tech Notes "Continuous Monitoring Requirements BIF Versus HWC”, June-96

GCI Tech Notes "A Caution in the Use of Analytical Data in Calculating TEQ Values for Dioxin Reporting”, Dec-95

"Continental Cement Trial Burn Strategy Follow-up"