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September 28, 2001


PC MACT Compliance Services


The National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Source Categories; Portland Cement Manufacturing Industry; Final Rule (PC MACT) compliance deadlines are getting closer. Gossman Consulting, Inc. (GCI) has already been involved in numerous compliance related testing sequences designed to make compliance status determinations so there are no surprises during the official performance test. Many of these determinations led to operating modifications and more determination testing. GCI would welcome the opportunity to work with your facility in your compliance efforts.


GCI offers the following services:


      Assistance in development of the required start-up, shutdown and malfunction plan

      Assistance in the development of the operation and maintenance plan

      Assistance with Title V permit integration

      Writing of interim test plans

      Providing on-site oversight for testing

      Reviewing stack test data and providing reliable quality assurance for data

      Writing PC MACT compliance test plans

      Providing time tested and agency scrutinized quality assurance project plan (QAPP) content

      Compliance test services

      Designing compliance tests and arranging for stack testing

      Providing on-site oversight of compliance testing, quality assurance review of data as well as the draft/final compliance test report

      Assistance with meeting dioxin/furan compliance limits



GCI has provided the compliance test related services listed above for many years. More recently we have worked with cement plants shooting for area source status. We welcome the opportunity to work with your facility. You can contact Jim Woodford at 937-748-9961 or Dave Gossman at 847-683-4188. You are also welcome to simply visit our web site at http://gcisolutions.com for more details.


David Gossman



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