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Links to important information you need to know to comply with the
NESHAP for Portland Cement Manufacturing Industry Regulation (40 CFR Part 63)


The USEPA published the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Source Catagories: Portland Cement Manufacturing Industry Regulations on June 14, 1999.  This NESHAP or MACT for Portland Cement facilities, or PC MACT Regulation, is the air emissions control regulation for cement kilns that do not burn hazardous waste as fuel.  This regulation specifies the emissions standards for two hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), specifically : PCDDs/PCDFs (dioxins and furans) and particulates.  There are additional restrictions for kilns and material dryers constructed after March 24, 1998.  This page provides links to various GCI documents which address various aspects of this rule and compliance activities.

Special Note:  There have been important changes to the rule in an Agreement with the EPA due to a suit brought by APCA.  Link to Agreement.  Note especially that a maximum production rate is no longer required to be set during the compliance test.


Update!  On April 5th the EPA published amendments to the PC MACT rule incorporating this agreement.  Link to the April 5 FR in PDF format.   


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GCI’s “Portland Cement NESHAP/MACT Notebook”

You can purchase this three-inch thick notebook – your guide to complying with the PC MACT Regulation.  Send us an e-mail with your request or call  us at 1-847-683-4188.


Extracts from the PC MACT Notebook

Overview – a brief description of the contents of the notebook

FAQ’s – Frequently asked questions about the PC MACT Regulation

Compliance and Notifications Dates for the PC MACT Regulation

Summary of Emissions Limits in the PC MACT Regulation


Two Offers From David Gossman

PC MACT Compliance Services

Dioxin Emission Data Evaluation


To receive a price quotation for Portland Cement MACT compliance planning e-mail us with your request, include your name, phone number and company and one of our Consultants will contact  you.



GCI Tech Notes that Address PC MACT Issues

New! Comments on Writing an Operations and Maintenance Plan

New! Or go to the RegRef for O&M Plans

PC MACT Rule Visual Opacity Performance Test Protocol

HCl Emissions from Portland Cement Manufacturing

MACT Testing – Do You Measure Up?

Dioxins – Primer and Commentary

A Caution in the Use of Analytical Data in Calculating TEQ Values for Dioxin Reporting



Papers GCI has Presented at Various Conferences Which Address

PC MACT Issues


Factors Influencing Emission Levels of PCDD/PCDFs from Cement Kilns

Quality Control Review of Mercury and PCDD/PCDF Emissions Data From Cement Kilns Used for MACT Evaluations

2,3,7,8-TCDD Equivalent Emissions from Cement Kilns Burning Hazardous Waste

Sources of PCDDS/PCDFs in Cement Kiln Emissions

The Differences in Implementation Between the HWC MACT Regulation and the PC MACT Regulation as it Affects Hazardous Waste Combusting Cement Kilns Attempting to Comply with Both Regulations.


Agency Links

Direct Link to the PC MACT Regulation in the Federal Register (scroll down to 63.1340+)


The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has a 59 page PC MACT Compliance Checklist which might be helpful.



How to interpret and understand dioxin (PCDD/PCDF) data from emission tests and industrial / environmental samples.

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