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Compliance Dates and Notification Requirements

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Compliance dates,  § 63.1351

The compliance date for an owner or operator of an existing affected source subject to the provisions of this subpart is June 14, 2002.


Notification requirements, § 63.1353

Initial notifications as required by § 63.9(b) through (d). - October 12, 1999

(120 days from the June 14, 1999 Federal Register publication)


Note that for the purposes of this subpart, a Title V or 40 CFR part 70 permit application may be used in lieu of the initial notification required under § 63.9(b), provided the same information is contained in the permit application as required by § 63.9(b), and the State to which the permit application has been submitted has an approved operating permit program under part 70 of this chapter and has received delegation of authority from the EPA.


Notification of performance tests, as required by §§ 63.7 and 63.9(e).

Notify Administrator in writing at least 60 calendar days before the test is scheduled to begin. This allows Administrator to request the test plan for review and approval.


Notification of opacity and visible emission observations required by § 63.1349 in accordance with §§ 63.6(h)(5) [construction or reconstruction] and 63.9(f). Generally this will be conducted with initial performance test (and notification would have been included with the performance test notification).  If the observations can not be conducted at the time of the performance test due to some circumstance such as weather conditions, notification must be made “not less than 30 days before the opacity or visible emission observations are scheduled to take place.”


Notification, as required by § 63.9(g), of the date that the continuous emission monitor performance evaluation required by § 63.8(e) is scheduled to begin. Since this is a required part of the performance test notification would be a part of the performance test notification, that is 60 days prior to the performance test.


Notification of compliance status, as required by § 63.9(h).

This is to be sent before the close of business on the 60th day following the completion of the relevant compliance demonstration; [40CFR63.9(h)(2)(G)(ii)]