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Portland Cement NESHAP/MACT Notebook Overview




This notebook is designed to provide materials for both quickly becoming familiar with the new MACT rules and to facilitate in depth review and reference.


FAQs.  This  provides a rapid introduction through answers/discussions concerning frequently asked questions (FAQs) with regulatory references to go along with each one.


Guide and Aids.  This section contains additional rule references and compliance aides for (a) initial notification, (b) area versus major requirements, (c) a sample outline of an operations and maintenance plan, (d) requirements for a startup, shutdown and malfunction plan, plus (e) some additional rule interpretation and perspective.


Implementation.  Provides guidance for implementing the rule through investigative/compliance testing and provides strategies on how to approach overall compliance requirements.  There are also some internet hot links which will provide you with additional information if you feel that is desirable.


Dioxins.  This section will provide you in-depth information about dioxins, which after all is the reason for this rule in the first place, since both major and area sources are covered.


The Regulations & References.  This is a complete copy of the regulations and other reference material.  It includes: copies of the regulations, including Part 63 sections which were only referenced in the text of the new portland cement rule published in the June 14, 1999 Federal Register and some methods, referenced but not provided in the new rule.


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