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You know exactly how to run your kiln and exactly how to maximize a particular operating parameter.  The EPA regulations can on the one hand be maddeningly precise and on the other hand maddeningly vague.  If you are not careful in interpreting the regulation for meeting the monitoring and data collection requirements, the initial performance test you execute, despite all your skill and experience, may not provide the data you expected or worse the data you need!  


Before running your Performance Test ask yourself the following questions:

*  Which thermocouple is being monitored by the control room?

*  Is it the same thermocouple earmarked for the NIST calibration?

*  How is the data being recorded for compliance purposes?

*  How do I actually set the limit?

*  How do I demonstrate that I am in compliance?

*  Do I set my PMCD inlet temperature around where the kiln usually runs?

*  What difference does it make if I set it where the kiln usually runs?

*  How can I get the operational limit that works best for me?

*  What does non-compliance mean to me?


If you are uncertain of an answer or just not comfortable with interpreting the PC MACT regulation contact us at 847-683-4188 or send an e-mail to David Gossman