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GCI Publications that have been presented at various
technical conferences and in various journals and trade magazines

"Polychlorinated dibenzo(p)dioxin and furan (PCDD/F) congener profiles in cement kiln emissions and impacts.", Sci Total Environ. 2012 March 1;419(20):37-43.

"Emissions of metals and polychlorinated dibenzo(p)dioxins and furans (PCDD/Fs) from Portland cement manufacturing plants: inter-kiln variability and dependence on fuel-types.", Sci Total Environ. 2011 Sep 15;409(20):4198-205.

"Alternate Fuels and Economic Downturns" courtesy of World Cement magazine

"A Review of Potential Solutions to Control Dioxin (PCDD/PCDF) Emissions from Cement Kilns"

"MACT Implications of Alternative Raw Materials

"HWC Operating Limit Determination for Lone Star Industries Greencastle Facility"

"The Use of a Comprehensive Facility Operations Review and Hazop Study to Limit Liabilities and Risks in the Operation of Hazardous Waste Fuel Facilities"

"The Differences in Implementation Between the HWC MACT Regulation and the PC MACT Regulation as it Affects Hazardous Waste Combusting Cement Kilns Attempting to Comply with Both Regulations"

"Cement Resource Recovery in Developing Countries: A Sustainable Development Option"

"Evaluating the Consequences of Mercury Emissions from a Point Source"(PDF)

"Factors Influencing Emission Levels of PCDD/PCDFs from Cement Kilns"

"Preparation for CMS Plan as Part of MACT"

"A Comparison of BIF Test Plans with HWC MACT Test Plans"

"Development and Design of Hazardous Waste Fuel Blending Facilities in Developing Countries"

"Data Quality Objectives at Resource and Recovery Act Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (DQOs at RCRA TSDFs)"

"Risk Management Plan Update & Modification"

"Practical Quality Assurance/Quality Control in the Commercial Thermal Treatment Facility Laboratory"

"Community Relations via The World Wide Web"

"BIF Testing - Is There Anything Else To Learn?"

"An Analysis of Selected NOD Issues Related to Waste Analysis Plans"

"An Evaluation of a Cement Kiln's Emissions While Under Worst Case Operating Conditions"

"BIF Metal Spiking Safety Considerations & Training"

"Comparison of Metal Emissions from Cement Kilns Utilizing Hazardous Waste Fuels with Commercial Waste Incinerators"

"Metal Equilibration and Process Capture Efficiencies in Cement Kilns"

"Metal Precompliance for Cement Kilns"

"The Use of Monochlorobenzene as a Principal Organic Hazardous Constituent for Destruction Efficiency Determinations in Cement Kilns"

"Quality Control of Hazardous Waste Fuel"

"Petroleum and Petrochemical Waste Reuse in Cement Kilns"

"Suitability of Hydrocarbon and Carbon Monoxide Measurement as Combustion Indicators in Cement Kilns"

"Typical Metal Concentrations in RCRA Waste Burned in Cement Kilns"

"The Fate of Trace Metals In The Wet Process Cement Kiln"

"Cement Kilns Sources of Chlorides Not HCl Emissions"

"Hazardous Waste Fuel and The Cement Kiln: The Incineration Alternative"

"Comparison of Metals Spiking Systems and Metal Compound Selection Among the Cement Kilns Conducting Compliance Tests"

"2,3,7,8-TCDD Equivalent Emissions from Cement Kilns Burning Hazardous Waste"

"A Method for the Rapid Semi-Quantitative Identification of Hazardous Organic Constituents in Liquid Organic Hazardous Waste Streams"

"Burning Waste in Kilns in the United Kingdom A Comparison of Regulations in the United Kingdom versus the United States EPA Regulations"

"EPA Regional Variances in the Interpretation and Implementation of the BIF Regulations"

"The Added Risk to Health, Safety and the Environment Due to the BIF Regulation"

"A Review of the Usefulness of Various ASTM and SW-846 Methods Which May Be Used by the Thermal Treatment Industry"

"Continental Cement Trial Burn Strategy"

"The Effect of Process Differences on System Removal Efficiencies (SREs) and the Fate of Metals in Cement Kilns"  (PDF format, 350 kb)

"An Analysis of Potential Changes to Operations and Waste Analysis Requirements for Commercial Facilities Regulated Under EPA Proposed Hazardous Waste Combustor Regulations"

"A Comparison of Normal and Worst Case Cement Plant Emissions"

"Sources of PCDDs/PCDFs in Cement Kiln Emissions"

"Changes Required in Hazardous Waste Incinerator Trial Burns and Waste Analysis Plan to Fully Implement "BIF" Requirements"

"Quality Control Review of Mercury and PCDD/PCDF Emissions Data From Cement Kilns Used for MACT Evaluations"

"Continental Cement Trial Burn Strategy Follow-up"

"Observations and Comments on EPA/DOE Mercury CEMs Demonstration at Holnam's Holly Hill, SC Facility"

"A Model Waste Analysis Plan for Commercial BIF Facilities"

"The Design of A Custom Database System for Storing and Accessing Point Source Emission Test Data and Associated Process Conditions"

"Innovations in Permitting or Is the Use of "Common Sense" Permitting an Innovation?"

"Magnetic Field Measurements in the MSU 500 MeV Superconducting Cyclotron." IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (Vol: 26, Issue: 2), April, 1979, pg. 2111-2113