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GCI's Past Issues of HWF Notes

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HWF Notes "Municipal Waste Combustion and MACT”, Dec-94

HWF Notes "Review of EPA’s Sham Recycling “Policy”, Nov-94

HWF Notes "Clean Air Act Hazardous Air Pollutant List”, Oct-94

HWF Notes "A Review of Dioxin Emissions and Cement Kilns”, Sep-94

HWF Notes "Review of Guidance on Trial Burns”, Aug-94

HWF Notes "Comments on the New EPA Waste Analysis Plan Guidance Manual”, July-94

HWF Notes "Submittal of Data in Lieu of Trial Burns”, June-94

HWF Notes "A&WMA Waste Combustion in Boilers & Industrial Furnaces-Kansas City, Missouri, 1994", May-94

HWF Notes "Review of EPA-454/R-93-032 Entitled National Air Pollutant Emission Trends”, April-94

HWF Notes "Technical Regulatory Issues of Concern”, Mar-94

HWF Notes "CKD Report to Congress Comments”, Feb-94

HWF Notes "Standard Practice for the Microwave Digestion of Industrial Furnace Feedstreams”, Jan-94

HWF Notes "Testing for Pentachlorophenol as a Screening Procedure to exclude PCDD’s and PCDF’s from Hazardous Waste Fuel”, Dec-93

HWF Notes "Review of EPA Draft 'Implementation of Exposure Assessment Guidance for RCRA Hazardous Waste Combustion Facilities'", Nov-93

HWF Notes "Justification to Delete Barium and Silver From BIF Compliance Testing Requirements", Oct-93

HWF Notes "Guidance for the Elements of a Waste Minimization Plan”, Sep-93

HWF Notes "May 22, 1993 Science News Response”, Aug-93

HWF Notes “Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals” and "Comments On Draft Revisions To The Waste Analysis Plan Guidance Manual", July-93

HWF Notes "The Clean Air Act and Cement Kiln NOx Emissions”, June-93

HWF Notes "TCLP (SW-846 Method 1311 Revision O, Nov. 1990) Questions and Answers”, May-93

HWF Notes "Rational for the Use of XRF as a Screening Method for Controlling and Monitoring BIF Metal Concentrations in Cement Kiln Process Feeds”, Apr-93

HWF Notes "ISO-9000", Mar-93

HWF Notes "GC Solvents-Safety and Health”, Feb-93

HWF Notes "Dot Hazmat Training”, Jan-93

HWF Notes "The Relative Accuracy of Compliance Options for BIF Regulations Required Monitoring of Metal Input Rates”, Dec-92

HWF Notes "The BIF Audit”, Nov-92

HWF Notes "PCB Rejection Specification and Policies at Hazardous Waste Fuel Facilities”, Oct-92

HWF Notes "EPA CKD Sampling Methodology”, Aug-92

HWF Notes "The EPA Proposed Hazardous Waste Identification Rule (Potential Impact on Cement Kiln Dust)”, July-92

HWF Notes "Metal Compound Selection for BIF Compliance Tests and Trial Burns”, June-92

HWF Notes "Examining a Number of Topics Important to BIF Implementation and the Maintenance of Maximum Operating Flexibility under BIF”, May-92

HWF Notes "Method for Screening Radioactivity in Waste”, April-92

HWF Notes "Summary” A&WMA BIF Conference - Orlando, Fl.”, Mar-92

HWF Notes "The Use of HWF in Cement Kilns-An Industry Profile”, Jan-92

HWF Notes "Trial Burn POHC Selection and the Use of SF6“, Dec-91

HWF Notes "THE MSHA Hazard Communication Standard”, Nov-91