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GCI's Chinese Translation Library

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TechNotes Now in Chinese (Mandarin)
Dennis June,  GCI's Project Manager in our Hong Kong office has taken on the amazing task of translating some of our TechNotes into Chinese. Adobe Reader or a similar pdf plugin is required to read these inside your browser. Or you can right click and download the pdf for reading offline. If you have the need to communicate with GCI in Chinese please feel free to contact Dennis directly. 

GCI Tech Notes "Cement Kiln Mercury (Hg) Emission Testing Issues" January 2007

GCI Tech Notes "Cement Kiln Mercury (Hg) Emission Issues" December 2006

GCI Tech Notes "Economics and Competition for Hazardous Waste Fuel in Cement Kilns – The Early Years" November 2006

GCI Tech Notes "New Developments in Treatment Options for Spent Aluminum Potliner" October 2006

GCI Tech Notes "Hazardous Waste Fuel – Rejection! – The Early Years" September 2006

GCI Tech Notes "Acceptance and Rejection of Hazardous Waste Fuel at Cement Plants”  February 2004

GCI Tech Notes "Catastrophic Accidents - Caused by Multiple Failures of Elements Within a Safety Management System”  January 2003 

GCI Tech Notes "Restricting Highly Toxic Wastes at Hazardous Waste Fuel Facilities" Mar-99

GCI Tech Notes "HAZOP REVIEWS" August-98

GCI Tech Notes "Analytical Laboratory Design and Development" April-98

GCI Tech Notes "Radioactive Waste Rejection Action Plan , March-96