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Environmental Justice / Environmental Racism

"All communities and persons across this Nation should live in a safe and healthful environment." (President Clinton, February 11, 1994)

The above quote is found on the EPA "environmental justice" web site located at, where EPA goes on to state that:

With these words, President Clinton issued Executive Order 12898 on February 11, 1994, to establish environmental justice as a national priority. This was the first Presidential effort to direct all federal agencies with a public health or environmental mission to make environmental justice an integral part of their policies and activities. The Order focuses federal attention on the environmental and human health conditions of minority populations and low income populations with the goal of achieving environmental protection for all communities.

Somehow EPA has interpreted this executive order to mean that you can’t build chemical plants or waste treatment, storage or disposal facilities in neighborhoods where minorities are a majority of the population. Gossman Consulting, Inc. publishes a newsletter called Combustion and Waste Materials Conversion News (CWMCN) which has reported on a number of related news items over the years. You can peruse some of these news items by clicking on the following hot links.

The USEPA Office of Environmental Justice is part of the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA). According to the USEPA, the Office of Environmental Justice serves as a focal point for ensuring that communities comprised predominately of people of color or low income populations receive protection under environmental laws. More information can be found at the web site itself.

If you want to learn more about what the EPA calls their Environmental Justice Strategy without going to the web site and browsing around then check out the following hot link.

You can also learn about EPA’s most controversial program of late, the Interim Guidance For Investigating Title VI [Civil Rights] Administrative Complaints Challenging Permits.