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Gossman Consulting, Inc
Cement Manufacturing Process

Service Description

Gossman Consulting, Inc. provides assistance in cement manufacturing process trouble-shooting and process improvement. Our experienced team of professionals have an intimate understanding of the chemical processes in cement manufacture and can assist in the selection of alternate fuels and feed stocks or in determining a raw materials specification and blending ratio. GCI's wide experience in assisting clients who utilize a number of different clinker production processes has given us a unique understanding of the cement manufacturing process. This understanding and experience, coupled with our strong sampling and analytical skills and our equally strong production management experience, create a combination of skills that can be widely utilized by cement manufacturers wishing to improve their process.


David Gossman


GCI has prepared a number of papers on cement manufacturing process. (If a link to a paper title is not yet available please e-mail with your fax number for a copy.)

"Metal Equilibration and Process Capture Efficiencies in Cement Kilns"

"The Fate of Trace Metals In The Wet Process Cement Kiln"

"The Effect of Process Differences on System Removal Efficiencies (SREs) and the Fate of Metals in Cement Kilns"

"A Comparison of Normal and Worst Case Cement Plant Emissions”

"Observations and Comments on EPA/DOE Mercury CEMs Demonstration at Holnam's Holly Hill, SC Facility"

"The Design of A Custom Database System for Storing and Accessing Point Source Emission Test Data and Associated Process Conditions"

GCI Tech Notes "Why All Cement Kilns Should Test Their CKD" June-97

GCI Tech Notes "Working together in Plant Operations" Dec-96

GCI Tech Notes "The Impact of CKD Recycling on “HCl” Emissions from the Wet Process Cement Kiln”, Aug-9

GCI Tech Notes "The Potential for CKD Insufflation to Impact Metals Emissions from Cement Kilns”, Sept-95

HWF Notes "CKD Report to Congress Comments”, Feb-94

HWF Notes "The Clean Air Act and Cement Kiln NOx Emissions”, June-93

HWF Notes "THE MSHA Hazard Communication Standard”, Nov-91