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Gossman Consulting, Inc

Waste Recycling and Reuse

Service Description

Gossman Consulting, Inc. provides hazardous waste facility design, operations and management consulting. Our experienced team of professionals have designed, built, operated and managed hazardous waste facilities across the United States. GCI's experience executing all these functions in the heavily regulated and highly competitive hazardous waste management business provides our team with a down-to-earth approach to facility design and operation rarely seen in consultants. GCI has also provided process design and instruction in operation of kiln fuel and/or solvent recycling facilities in Chile, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand and Northern Ireland. GCI's expertise is not limited to hazardous waste. We are also experienced in chemical plant design and operation as well as cement plant design and operation as it is impacted by the use of substitute raw materials or fuels.


David Gossman


GCI has prepared a number of papers on waste recycling and reuse. (If a link to a paper title is not yet available please e-mail with your fax number for a copy.)

"The Reuse of Petroleum and Petrochemical Waste in Cement Kilns"

"Hazardous Waste Fuel and The Cement Kiln: The Incineration Alternative"

"An Analysis of Potential Changes to Operations and Waste Analysis Requirements for Commercial Facilities Regulated Under EPA Proposed Hazardous Waste Combustor Regulations”

GCI Tech Notes "Organic Vapor Control”, Aug-95

GCI Tech Notes "Questions & Answers - International Waste Fuel Use in Cement Kilns”, June-95

HWF Notes "The Use of HWF in Cement Kilns-An Industry Profile”, Jan-92