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Gossman Consulting, Inc

ISO 9000 / 14000 Standards Developement

Service Description

Gossman Consulting Inc. (GCI) personnel have been involved with the writing of facility, laboratory, hazardous materials and compliance operating procedures throughout our working life. Consequently it should be no surprise that GCI offers our services in developing ISO 9000 or 14000 standards for our clients. The ISO (International Standards Orgaization) standards embody a number of "standards of practice" that are recognized throughout the world. Two of these, ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 are having an increasing impact on the U. S. corporations doing business in the global marketplace.

ISO 9000 is a series of standards on product quality control. These standards can be applied to a service as well as hard goods. GCI has assisted a client in developing an ISO 9002 standard for the operation of a hazardous waste fuel supply facility in the U. K. In our global economy the implimentation of an ISO 9000 standard will facilitate acceptance of your goods or services worldwide. The ISO 14000 standards are a series of environmental management standards; essentially they are quality standards like the ISO 9000 series but aimed exclusively at environmental management. A comprehensive understanding of the existing federal and local regulations alone will not be sufficient background for the developement of an ISO 14000 standard. Development of such a standard requires a full and practical understanding of operations, environmental testing technologies and data management, to name a few of the areas encompassed by these standards. It is here where GCI's extensive experience can be most useful to our clients in developing such standards.


Gossman Consulting, Inc. has assisted a client in the developement of an ISO 9002 standard for a hazardous waste fuel supply facility in the U. K.

GCI has extensive experience in hazardous materials facility operations and management. In addition to actually operating and managing such facilities GCI's employees have written; facility operating plans, training manuals, contingency plans, permit applications, inspections, emissions test reports, test plans, trial burn plans, etc., for virtuually every level of management and for virtually many types of entities requiring such documentation.

GCI's experience in chemicals analysis and analytical QA/QC, particularly in the type of testing required by environmental management is equally extensive.

GCI has experience in data management from hard copy daily inspection reports to elctronic data generated by continuous emissions or process monitors.

Clearly GCI's practical experience in conjunction with our well known knowledge of the regulations makes us the perfect choice to assist you in developing your ISO 14000 standard.


The Library contains numerous examples of our experience and knowledge of the technical aspects of facility operations and management as well our understanding of the regulations. The following is a partial list with links to the documents.


"Quality Control of Hazardous Waste Fuel"

"Changes Required in Hazardous Waste Incinerator Trial Burns and Waste Analysis Plan to Fully Implement “BIF” Requirements”

HWF Notes "ISO-9000", Mar-93