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Gossman Consulting, Inc.

Gossman Consulting Inc. (GCI) teams with a number of other companies in order to provide a comprehensive range of services. These "Partners in Excellence" and a brief description of their services are provided below. Links to their web sites are provided if available.

ChemRight Laboratories, Inc. (CRL) - Is a sibling company to GCI.  CRL is a small soil, water and plant testing laboratory in Maquoketa, Iowa serving local agricultural, small municipality and small business in eastern Iowa, Northwest Illinois and Southwest Wisconsin. This is a GCI supported educational website being developed by students at the Illinois Math and Science Academy.  Come check out the unique and powerful units conversion which includes parameters such as viscosity and heat content. - This is a marketing business  associated with the Gossman's Hidden Bluffs Farm in Eastern Iowa.  If you enjoy working with quality hardwoods give us a call to see what we can provide.

Airtech Environmental Services Inc. - Airtech is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in the sampling and analysis of source emissions. Airtech is committed to providing the highest quality air testing services, while providing these services as cost effective as possible. Airtech accomplishes this by combining the latest monitoring techniques with computer automation and streamlined testing and reporting procedures. GCI and Airtech together are working to provide high quality HAP tests and trial burn services at competitive rates.

Alta Analytical Perspectives specializes in the ultra-trace analysis of various persistent organic pollutants including PCDD's and PCDF's (dioxins and furans), PCB's and PAH's using high resolution GC-MS(HRGC-HRMS) in support of various regulatory and compliance programs in a wide variety of environmental media and industrial process samples including stack samples, flyash and cement kiln dust.

Advantage Environmental Solutions, LLC provides mold contamination assessment, mold inspections, and mold remediation design.  They handle the smallest residential job, commercial locations, or the largest industrial indoor air quality project.  They perform indoor air quality work as well as mold background testing, remediation oversight, and post remediation testing

Cambridge Environmental Inc. - Quality risk assessments at reasonable costs isone of Cambridge Environmental's specialties. By working together, GCI and Cambridge Environmental can minimize requirements for long term environmental and emission testing, while ensuring that the data gathered will meet the rigorous needs of quantitative risk assessment.

Gabbard Environmental Services, Inc. - Bill Gabbard, President of Gabbard Environmental, is a long time friend and associate. Bill has assisted us in numerous permitting and compliance testing projects.