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How to interpret and understand dioxin (PCDD/PCDF) data from emission tests and industrial / environmental samples.

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  1. "Commercial BIF Compliance Test Results-1992", Copyright 1993 ($2,500) - Text based database.  No longer available - see item 10 below.

  2. "Commercial Incinerator Trial Burn Report", Copyright 1994 ($1,500) - Text based database. No longer available - see item 10 below.

  3. "Commercial Thermal Treatment Waste Analysis Plans", Copyright 1995 ($900) - Includes Waste Analysis Plan outlines for all US commercial thermal treatment facilities (incinerators and cement kilns) as well as analytical method synopsies.

  4. "An evaluation of New Air Emission Control Requirements for Solvent Recycling and Hazardous Waste Fuel Facilities", Copyright 1990 ($295)

  5. Hazardous Waste Fuels and the Cement Industry Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting: SARA Title III, Copyright 1990 ($295)

  6. "Review of EPA Hazardous Waste Boilers & Industrial Furnaces Inspection Workshop 1993 - Participant's Manual" ($800)

  7. "'Implementing the Boiler and Industrial Furnace Regulations Questions and Answers' and Gossman Consulting, Inc.'s Review" ($295)

  8. "The Revised Standard for Hazardous Waste Combustors(HWC) Review and Summary for Cement Kilns", 4/96 ($500)

  9. "Combustion and Waste Materials Conversion News" ($295/Year) - An industry newsletter that monitors hazardous waste recycling and thermal treatment issues. No longer published.

  10. "1997 Commercial Hazardous Waste Combustor Data Base", Copyright 1997 ($2,500) - A computer database which includes information similar to the 1992 BIF COC Report and the 1993 Commercial Incinerator Report. As in our two previous reports, the following data will be included: Plant locations, Metal equilibration times, Total metal input rates, HWF metal input rates, Metal emissions rates, Metal emission limits, Actual metal rates vs limits, System removal efficiencies, Particulate/HCl/Cl2 emissions results, Metal and chlorine input concentration limits, Operating parameters PCDD/PCDF emission data (total & TEQ), Incinerator ash metals, Maximum HWF feed rates, DREs. The cost of submitting Freedom of Information Requests to obtain the data alone is in excess of the purchase price of this data base. Additional data that becomes available in 1997 will be incorporated into the data base, and upgrade disks will be provided free with your year's subscription.

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